Resources about Books and their History 

From Cuneiform Alphabets to Curious George

Digital stream cone globe sepiaA flash of book history

Books are considered the oldest mass medium.

When writing was invented in ancient times, anything that could be written upon was used – stone, clay, bark, metal, skins.

Around 5,000 years ago, Egyptians wrote on papyrus, a plant grown along the Nile River. Then the Sumerians wrote on clay tablets around 2400-2200 BC.

Mass printing of modern books began a mere 560 years ago. They were the first truly mass medium.

Today there are non-physical books published in electronic formats known as electronic books or e-books.

Most people still think of a book as a written work that has been published and sometimes printed on pages bound together, but not always such a physical object.

A brief glossary of book terms


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